E-Commerce Development

If you wish to start an e-commerce site selling your products over the internet, or if you wish to add an online shop to your existing business, Manjeera can help you through this challenging process with consulting services, market knowledge and the design and construction of your site.

We can develop complex multi-tiered online shops for real-world products, services, or subscriptions. We pay attention to making your site simple and fun to browse and simple to buy from. We can create reports on visitor behaviour to find out who's looking at what and where people are leaving from the site.

Manjeera has the expertise to provide an integrated e-commerce service from designing and building the site, to marketing it online, to ongoing reporting on traffic and sales.

Content Management Systems

ou don't have to pay a professional web designer to change a few words of text, add a punctuation mark or remove an out-dated article from your website. Manjeera has developed a series of content management tools which make staying on top of your content as easy and as secure as checking your email.

You simply log into your password protected Content Management System (often abbreviated to CMS) and add, remove or modify whatever you like.

The CMS can be used to maintain a product gallery, portfolio, client list, schedule, or textual content anywhere on your site. Any changes you make are immediately reflected on your website.

Our CMS is built into most of our new sites, it can also be retrofitted to your existing site.

Some of Our Clients